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Court Shutdowns Wreak Havoc On Business Litigation in Southern California

May 04
23:48 2020

Courts across the country are modifying their rules and, in some cases, shutting down all-together. Most court functions have been severely reduced to discourage gatherings required for normal court business. Exceptions exist for the most critical legal interventions in society; gun restraining orders, emergency family custody disputes, etc.

However, businesses and companies face a complete shut-out to justice served over business disputes. As of May 1st, 2020, here is what the court landscape looks like.

California Supreme Court

Currently, the California Supreme Court can mostly maintain business as most functions have been converted to remote. A “staggering” policy implemented extends deadlines out 60 days, and then has been extended again.

Superior County Courts

All the below courts have certain exceptions for safety or family matters.

Los Angeles – Shut down till May 12. Our own investigation sees a few dozen new cases being filed per day.

Orange County – Shut down until May 22. Our own investigations show virtually zero new case filings.

Riverside – Any conferences, meetings, or trials that had been scheduled are cleared and need to be rescheduled when open.

Sacramento – The courts are shut down and will not begin to allow scheduling until June 1, 2020.

San Diego – The courts have been shut down and were set to reopen May 1st. However, the day before, the court extended the shut down until May 22nd.

San Francisco – The courts are shut down until June 1, 2020.

Ventura County – The courts are shut down until May 12, 2020. Extensions at that time are unknown but carry some likeliness to happen.

California Federal District Courts

The 4 district courts have mostly converted to e-file, and have stopped new filings except for urgent, extremely time sensitive matters. The court websites list specific phone numbers you should call for more information.

Businesses facing legal disputes or impending litigation should contact a competent business law firm

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