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Superpro Samui Introduces Muay Thai Training Programs For Families, Special Muay Thai Training for All Ages

May 04
23:39 2020
Superpro Samui introduces family Muay Thai training and programs for all ages. The Muay Thai market has changed, it’s not only for fighting sport, but it has many health benefits.

Superpro Samui, a Professional Muay Thai Camp & MMA Training Resort in Koh Samui, Thailand, introduced a new and innovative Muay Thai training program. The Muay Thai, is a martial art originally developed in Thailand. The training is designed to be suitable for all participants. In the past, these martial arts were only designed for martial artists or the military.

Twenty years ago, people could only find bald and tattooed fighters in Muay Thai gyms. Nowadays, the Muay Thai market has changed. People use Muay Thai training not only for fighting but also for health purposes and for staying fit. Superpro Samui, one of the largest Muay Thay Gyms in Thailand, introduced a training program that focuses on these different purposes such as Muay Thai for Kids, Muay Thai for Families and Muay Thai For Losing Weight. People of all ages can participate in this training. Men, women, young, old, adults or kids enjoy and gain satisfaction from these programs.

The chief coach at Superpro Samui said, “We opened our door for anyone who wants to try Muay Thai. Whether they want to be a professional martial artist or to seek fun and effective training to improve their health, we can provide everything they need. This new training program is designed for families and everyone. You can use it to lose weight, build up your confidence, as well as educate your kids about discipline. Our gym has the best equipment and professional trainers. So, we believe, you will get what you are looking for here.”

Superpro Samui Muay Thai training programs help many people to achieve their personal goals. The team of experts from this gym design training that matches the goal that the participant wants. For example, for losing weight or learning about Muay Thai For Female Self-Defence, all of them can be acquired in this gym. With the world situation right now, it is important to always have knowledge that can prevent any problems. Muay Thai for self-defence is one of those solutions.

The program for kids also helps them to achieve something hard to get from everyday life. Discipline and Confidencefrom Muay Thai is one of them. The trainers at Superpro Samui gym always follow traditional rules and order when they teach the participants. This helps the kids to find a role model and great reference experiences in their life.

About Superpro Samui

Superpro Samui is Professional Muay Thai Camp & MMA Training Resort in Koh Samui, Thailand. It is a place where people can learn not only Muay Thai, but also train in crossfit, Yoga, or even MMA and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Starting from a small gym, now, this gym has grown into one of the largest martial art gyms in Thailand. The gym is located in a private location near Chaweng Beach on Koh Samui Island. For more information, please visit

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