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Bagel Time is open for deliveries and take-aways amid the Covid-19 pandemic to serve its customers with Montreal-style bagels

May 04
23:12 2020
Bagel Time is open for deliveries and take-aways amid the Covid-19 pandemic to serve its customers with Montreal-style bagels
Treat yourself with authentic bagels from Bagel Time located in the Bloor Street West area!

Toronto, Ontario, Canada – Bagel Time is a new addition to the list of scrumptious food providers in Toronto. It serves warm and fresh, Montreal-style wood-fired bagels that have become favorites of the locals in a very short period. People wondering where to find the tastiest bagel Toronto has to offer should head on to Bagel Time to get their cravings fulfilled.

The Montreal style bagels available at Bagel Time are baked fresh every day with great love and care. The bakers are vigilant and take all hygiene precautions before setting up their work. Customers enjoy having these delicious bagels hot and fresh as they are baked in wood fire oven in front of their eyes. Along with being soft and chewy, the bagels are gluten-free, which means that you can have them without worrying about your health. The bagels can also be enjoyed as a sandwich which feels like a perfect love affair between fresh bagels, vegetables, and meat.

Canadians tasted the bagels for the first time in 1917 when Isadore Shlafman arrived from Poland and opened the first bagel bakery in Montreal. It was called the Montreal Bagel Bakery. The bagels were rolled by hand and baked in a wood-fired oven. The owner of Bagel Time, Irfan Khan had the experience of working at the traditional place through which he was inspired to revive the old taste and methods of baking bagels. The first branch of Bagel Time was opened in Danforth Village back in 2017 and the next one in Toronto. In his words: “After working at this Montreal bagel bakery (now known as Fairmount Bakery) I came to Toronto to bake this new style of bagel. After working with a few different bagel bakeries in town I realized something was missing. The secret ingredients and baking process of the original Montreal Bagel Bakery were not being upheld. So now together with my family, I decided to open Bagel Time to bring the true Montreal style bagel to the people of Toronto. We take great pride in providing the best bagels in Toronto. Our bagels are baked fresh daily and only use the best ingredients.”

The Montreal-style Bagels are different than NY bagels in the sense that the former ones are sweeter because there is a bit of sugar added in the dough and they are rinsed in honey water. Bagel Time’s management believes that baking bagels in the traditional way is an art because in a wood-fired oven there are no temperature indicators. The bakers rely on their expertise and instincts to bake the bagels right to perfection.

If you are craving something sweet, tasty, and authentic at the same time, then Bagel Time’s bagels are going to be your perfect companions. Their whole menu is available on their website even amid the Covid-19 Pandemic to keep their customers satisfied.

About the Company:

Bagel Time is an authentic bakery that serves authentic Montreal-style Bagels in Danforth village and Bloor Street West area in Toronto, Canada.

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