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ThePrinceJason True Rags to Riches Story: From Bartender to 8 Figures

May 04
23:00 2020

Matthieu Jason (ThePrinceJason) is a young entrepreneur with a true rags to riches story. Having been bartender as little as 4.5 years ago, he has come a long way to where he is now. Earning a residual income of 7 figures monthly, he is far from content and says this is only the beginning.

Although the money is what catches people’s attention, that’s not what’s important to him. What’s important is the lifestyle it enables him to live. A lifestyle of supporting his family without concern, taking care of his team he loves like family, and traveling the world to gain experiences he used to only dream of.

Two key factors he attributes his rapid and twice repeated success are; strongly reinvesting in himself and his team, and taking advantage of the hours most people don’t. That is to say, when others may be watching Netflix or listening to music, he is reading or listening to a personal development audiobook.

He has built a team of over 25,000 people worldwide extending over 50+ countries, and often tours to as many cities as he can to speak in front of his teams, in rooms of up to 5,000 people.

ThePrinceJason (Matthieu Jason) is passionate about setting people on the right path to success, in terms of building their mind and habits to be optimal for success.

He always says, “It’s the ones that no one imagine anything or, that do the things that people can’t even imagine.”

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Jason is still ready to personally mentoring a few people who financially want a change.

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