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A Rising Texas Artist, EyesLow Jones, Donating to Covid-19 Pandemic from His Latest Release of Long Story Short 2

May 04
22:48 2020
A Rising Texas Artist, EyesLow Jones, Donating to Covid-19 Pandemic from His Latest Release of Long Story Short 2
EyesLow Jones is a rising rap artist in the music world and resides in Houston, Texas. He recently released a new mixtape called ‘Long Story Short 2’ on April 20, 2020. It is available on all platforms including Apple Music, with all the sales and downloads donated to Covid-19 research.

Houston, TX, USA – EyesLow Jones is a young, generous artist, living in Houston, Texas. He works passionately towards his music and always dedicates his albums for a good cause to help the world in becoming a better place. After the successful promotion of his Long Story Short 1, he releases another hit music mix ‘Long Story Short 2’ and has dedicated all the sales from his recent release for the cause of Coronavirus.

This rising Texas artist has been through rough times in his life but his strong determination and love for music enabled him to rise and shine in this field. After seeing his parents separated at a very young age, he moved to a lot of places to settle with his mother and sister. He faced gang violence and worked really hard to look after his family. He later moved to San Antonio to avoid gang violence and settled there. There, he played basketball and got close with many San Antonio’s players like Tony Parker, Danny Green, Kawhi Leonard etc. During this time, he joined military and spent a year in prison. While he was incarcerated, he got seriously connected to music and started writing on it. He made his debut mixtape “Eleven Nineteen” in 2017, named after his birthday. He donated all the profits earned from his debut mixtape to an organisation that helps patients with PTSD.

His debut mixtape earned a lot of support in San Antonio, which led to his first show at SXSW. This performance went so well that he was featured in local and other states. His talent made him enter Hollywood for a showcase infront of the label A & R. He has independently performed at SXSW and had a mixtape hosted by the great legend Steve Sola.

So far, EyesLow Jones has produced many hit tracks. He has released a song called ‘Action Remix Ft’ with one of the hip-hop legends ‘Lil B The BasedGod’ on March 15, 2020. He releases, ‘Long Story Short 1’, on Nov 19, 2019, with one of the songs called ‘Never Change’ and featuring Tay Capone. It has been a success and had thousands of views on Spotify and over 56,000 streams in the first month of release. On Apr 20, EyesLow Jones has released his latest tape ‘Long Story Short 2’, which is available on all the platforms including Apple Music. ‘Long Story Short 2’ features all original music of the artist. All the profits from ‘Long Story Short 2’ will be donated to Covid-19 global crisis.

Despite being a rising artist, EyesLow Jones believes in generosity and is therefore dedicating all the revenues generated from ‘Long Story Short 2’ for Covid-19 pandemic as he has been doing it for his other releases in the past for other causes. Be a part of his generous cause by visiting Apple Music and downloading his music. Enjoy the music and help fight against Covid-19.

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