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Free Stand Up Comedy Show Tickets At Hollywood Improv – “Comedy and Cocktails”

Free Stand Up Comedy Show Tickets At Hollywood Improv – “Comedy and Cocktails” offers free comedy show tickets in Los Angeles including “Comedy and Cocktails: with Bill Devlin at the Hollywood Improv. Shows at other Southern California comedy clubs available.
Free stand up comedy show tickets to “Comedy and Cocktails” hosted by Bill Devlin at Hollywood Improv.

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“Comedy and Cocktails with Bill Devlin” is a regular monthly show at the southern California improv comedy clubs with different lineup of headline comedians each time.

“You never know what big name celebrity will drop in unannounced. In the past we have had Chris Rock, David Spade, Arsenio Hall, Drew Carey, Jerry Seinfeld and many more stop by the show,” states Bill Devlin.

Devlin comes from a big Irish family and that gave him a taste for comedy. The youngest of eight kids, he saw the whole family is very funny. When we were growing up, we would always do impressions and have shows in the living room to entertain each other, and every night at the dinner table his dad would have a joke to tell the family.

Born and raised in the Irish community of St. Paul, Minn., one of his earliest successes at getting laughs occurred in an unlikely place: his  Catholic school.  “When I was in the second grade, I was the class clown. My teacher, Sister Antoinette, got so mad she tried to whack me in the head with the Bible. I ducked at the last minute and she ended up whacking a globe, which went flying across the room. I laughed all the way to the principal’s office.”

He has since performed at all the major standup comedy clubs in the Los Angeles area and all over the country.

One unusual stand-up routine was nine gigs behind bars at California Mens Colony, a maximum-security prison in San Louis Obispo. “I stood on a picnic table in the middle of the prison yard with a microphone and told jokes to hardened criminals. Talk about a tough crowd. I really could have been killed.”

“However, doing that made me realize the true meaning of comedy; that comedy can inspire hope, and that laughter and is a motivating force that can bring hope. I have always had a burning desire in my gut to entertain and make people laugh. It’s like this is what I was meant to do,” concludes Devlin.

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