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American, Australian, And European Group Calls For Shut Down Of Ripoff Report

American, Australian, And European Group Calls For Shut Down Of Ripoff Report

Sordid Criminal Case, Revenge Porn Kings, Veterans, Military, Search Engine CEOs Caught In Scandal.

Los Angeles, CA, USA – March 3, 2015 — A global group of intellectuals, attorneys, and activists led by Australian Dr. Janice Duffy, American Jerome Almon, and several citizens of the European Union are calling for Congress, federal authorities, and search engine giants Google, Yahoo, and Bing to shut down the site due to allegations contained in a criminal indictment against one of the site’s writers in the state of Iowa ( Additional allegations involving the devastating effect the site has had on the military and veterans are posted on (

According to Australian newspaper The Sydney Morning Herald, Dr. Janice Duffy has filed a civil complaint against the Ripoff Report, Google, Yahoo7 (Australia), and Bing. The group has contacted the U.S. Department of Justice, both the House and Senate Veteran’s Affairs Committees, and called on search engine chiefs and founders Larry Page, Sergey Brin, Marissa Mayer, and Bill Gates to personally examine the issue and to address it publicly.

The group also notes that the new Net Neutrality rules recently passed by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) do not address the serious issues contained in the Iowa indictment ranging from identity theft, hacking, to cyber extortion. The organization further notes that the top 3 revenge porn owners, who used Ripoff Report as their business model, were all recently convicted of numerous crimes according to Fox News, ABC news, CNN, and CBS news (

Mr. Almon and Ms. Duffy warn that the failure of legislators, search engine CEOs, and regulators to act has led to the huge hacking scandals that have rocked Home Depot, Anthem, Target, JP Morgan, and the recent billion dollar bank hacking incident discovered by Russian cyber security firm Kaspersky Labs according to CNBC. The organization warns of a Bernie Madoff like miss by authorities. According to a recent CNN survey, confidence in internet security has dropped to an all-time low due to such major hacking incidents. The group notes that many of the bank and corporate hackers began as spammers and revenge porn site owners. According to numerous media reports dating back to the 1980s, Bill Gates forecast the danger that spammers represented to the world wide web and security.

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