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Health Risks of Drinking Continue to Outweigh Limited Benefits, Relays Chapters Capistrano

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Health Risks of Drinking Continue to Outweigh Limited Benefits, Relays Chapters Capistrano

February 17
06:00 2015
While drinks like red wine may have some positive health attributes, Chapters Capistrano asserts that there are still many risks.

A glass or two of red wine with dinner has often been thought to have some positive effects on health such as reducing risk of heart disease, but more detailed studies show this may only be true in certain situations. A recent Huffington Post article explains, “A new study claims the positive health effects of alcohol may be way overestimated, especially among older people.” Orange County drug and alcohol rehab center Chapters Capistrano has released a statement to the press regarding these findings.

“A drink now and then may be fine, but people should be cautious not to justify their drinking patterns by thinking that it is good for their health,” says Mike Shea, Chapters Capistrano founder. “The possibility of reducing heart disease risk or increasing longevity shouldn’t be reason to start drinking or to drink more. Alcohol is still damaging to the liver and can increase risk of other health conditions.”

A recent study has found that older people in particular may not benefit as much from light drinking as researchers once thought. The study, conducted by researchers in the UK and Australia, found “women over 65 who drank 10 or fewer drinks per week were less likely to die during the study and follow-up than their teetotaling counterparts. But the supposed protective effects of alcohol consumption stopped there. The same findings weren’t apparent in women under 65 or men over 65.” So while there may be some benefit, it is limited to a specific segment of the population, and there are other factors such as previous health or drinking patterns that should be taken into consideration.

“There is also the ongoing risk of addiction,” notes Shea. “Genetics and environment play a role, and what starts out as light drinking can quickly spiral into something more serious. The effects of heavy drinking are more well-known, such as liver disease, certain types of cancer, and risk of stroke. There are much better ways to protect your health and reduce risk of heart disease than turning to alcohol.”

While additional studies are needed to explore the health risks and benefits of alcohol consumption further, the article notes “researchers generally agree that you shouldn’t start drinking if you don’t already drink to reap benefits.” There are a few studies that tout positive results, but people should be cautious not to overlook the risks to their health and of developing alcoholism, adds Shea.

“Denial or ignoring the impacts of drinking are two reasons why people may put off seeking treatment,” says Shea. “But raising awareness of the health risks and that the benefits of drinking are limited may encourage people to cut back and engage in a drug and alcohol rehab program. Chapters Capistrano provides customized treatment tailored to clients’ individual needs and goals so that they can focus on making the most of their future and living a substance-free life. The benefits of abstaining from drinking can far outweigh those of light to moderate drinking.”


Chapters Capistrano is a luxury drug and alcohol treatment center located in the city of San Clemente in Orange County, Southern California, with two beautiful ocean-view homes. Specializing in all types of substance abuse, Chapters offers flexible treatment programs that are designed to offer greater confidence in addiction recovery. With a thorough approach to detox, counseling and mental health, this center has delivered many success stories. In addition to offering alternative approaches to conventional recovery, Chapters is also recognized for providing guest comfort with exceptional accommodations, private rooms and cell and laptop allowance. Those searching to begin a new “Chapter” in addiction recovery are encouraged to contact the facility today and visit them on Twitter to keep up with current news.

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